As a self-confessed addict to all things Christmas due to the childish delight that comes with this celebration we felt that we should deliver on all things Christmas bringing you unique authentic gift options for this year’s Christmas stocking!

Go all out and Build your own Ginger Bread House or Ginger Bread Man with an easy-to-follow kit that will delight the whole family especially the little ones. To add follow the European tradition of decorating your Christmas tree with Gingerbread decorations which double up as the ideal gift for friends and family. Purchase these décor items in beautiful Christmas jars and choose from a variety of nativity shapes. Each item is hand made under the loving and watchful eye of Gisela Harck who started this business out of pure passion for food and design.

Keep going Gisela. Each year your artistry gets better and better. Should you require larger orders please contact Amanda on purchasing@waterfrontmarket.co.za and place your order early to avoid the Waterfront Shopping Rush!

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