Westley Engelbrecht is playing this weekend.


We announced that Native Young was playing at the V&A Food Market this weekend. Unfortunately they will not be able to make it. The GOOD NEWS is that WESTLEY ENGELBRECHT, Cape Towns renown acoustic guitarist will be performing instead. Come and check him out. – Performance starts at 2pm. (Sat 28th Nov)
See you there!


The talented musical genius that lies within Westley Engelbrecht was born in 1980 where he grew up in the small town of Nelspruit. This latent talent was first experimented with when Westley began learning piano at age 10. His musical passion required more challenge and he then picked up the guitar at age 13 and pushed himself to his ultimate limits by engaging in percussion and drums by age 20. All in all, Westley has mastered over 8 different instruments and used these consistently in his masterful compositions.

Besides his love of all things musical, Westley has proven himself to be a responsible freelance sound engineer and professional jingle writer, while still pursuing his solo/duo music career within the realms of his well-known band; Acoustic Liquid while retaining the exemplary position of front-man for his rock band March Against Me.

Westley’s conquests, other than touring SA, UK, Aus, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique with his bands, include an array of interesting working environments and people including UK (Bannanarow), Australia Melbourne (Supersonic studio) and R.S.A (Grey studio, Robin Welsh,Ground level and Tone1 Studio).

His most accomplished work has been a 4 year stint composing casino jingles and sound effects for a well-known company whose games can be accessed online.

It is due to these varied and multiple stimuli that Westley has since opened his own establishment under the name of Acoustic Liquid Studios.

He has successfully produced over 300 songs, jingles and background music in various genres including lounge, rock, jazz etc. Westley would like to invite you to peruse his work on this website,www.acousticliquid.co.za .


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