Saturday is “Ice Cream for Breakfast” Day!

Who likes Ice Cream? Who would eat it for breakfast if they could?

We have good news for you. There’s a global day (The first Saturday of the month of Feb), when it is totally OK to eat ice cream for breakfast. Why not pay us a visit and get yourself a few scoops for breakfast. We are proud to have some real pro’s in our midst.




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Wikipedia has this to say about this festive day!


The holiday was invented on a snowy winter day in the 1960s by Florence Rappaport in Rochester, New York.[1] The mother to six children, it was her youngest two, Ruth (now Kramer) and Joe Rappaport, who inspired her on a cold and snowy February morning. To entertain them, she declared it to be Ice Cream For Breakfast Day. She explained, “It was cold and snowy and the kids were complaining that it was too cold to do anything. So I just said, ‘Let’s have ice cream for breakfast.'”[2] The next year, they reminded her of the day and a tradition began. The exact year of the first ICFBD is unrecorded, but it is speculated to be 1966, when a huge blizzard hit Rochester in late January, dumping several feet of snow on Rochester and shutting down schools.[3]When the siblings grew up, they held parties and introduced the tradition to friends while in college, and the tradition began to spread.[4]

A global holiday[edit]

The holiday began to spread across the world thanks to Florence’s grandchildren, who have traveled extensively. Celebrations have been recorded in Nepal, Namibia, Germany, New Zealand andHonduras.[5] Some are small family celebrations and others are larger parties. The holiday has even been celebrated in China since 2003 and was featured in the Chinese edition of Cosmopolitanmagazine and local magazines in Hangzhou, China.[6] Ice Cream for Breakfast Day enjoys particular popularity in Israel. Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on ICFBD in 2013 in Hebrew [7] and then in 2014 in English [8]

How people celebrate[edit]

Ice Cream For Breakfast Day is officially celebrated on the first Saturday of February. The holiday is often explained very simply: 1. Eat ice cream, 2. For breakfast. 3. On the first Saturday in February (or any weekend morning in the depths of winter).[9] However, celebrations are also held throughout the month.



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