How to look like you have planned Valentines day for months in advance.

If the 14th of February arrives and your better half looks at you with that “What Special outing did you prepare to show me how special I am” look, – fear not. Our suggestion is that you give him/her a knowing wink and pack them off to the Waterfront Food Market.

Casually saunter to the bar and order a bottle of Krone Borealis Sparkling Brut (or Rose) which will only cost you R150,00 per bottle. 

When you have tasted, toasted and whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ears, you should pop in at The General Trading Co. store and pick out something sweet to take home. They have gone to a lot of trouble, decorating their Valentines Day table.

Chocolate is the food of love, and the folks at JP Fontain are masters at creating Cupid’s elixir. Get some chocolate. Finally, you should pop in at Lucy’s for some Maracoons. Remember to order this with a hint of a French accent and explain that a Maracon is essentially the same as a Maracoon and that they were named after a town in France. The other half will be suitably impressed.

Then, just as the bubbles are beginning to wear off, be sure to head home in time for Carte Blanche.

May love win the day!


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