Dragon Ginger Beer Tasting at The Bottle Bank – 9th April

And now for something completely different…. (drumroll please…)

If your taste buds are yearning for a kick in the pants, you won’t want to miss out on Dragon Fiery Ginger Beer. Bring the whole family.

Here’s an excerpt from their website…

Craft brewing

Made with only the finest ingredients our GINGER takes two weeks to ferment. This slow brewing process allows the flavours to develop fully.

How does it taste?

Dragon is traditionally brewed to pack a seriously GINGER punch. It’s slightly sweet with a definite fermented flavour. The ginger burn is made to linger.

When an where?

On a hot’s summer’s day, over ice, out by the braai or in the coldest winter months in front of a warm fire – Dragon suits every season.




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