Knysna Oyster Company COMING SOON – OPENING 1st OCTOBER

Please bear with us as we prepare for the arrival of the oldest oyster producing company in South Africa. We are eager to announce that they will be distributing from within the V&A Food market where the live cultivated oyster tanks will be built. So make your summer season plans with us around Fresh shucked oysters and Champagne. Trust us there will be no problem with keeping up with demand as Zwembesi Farms the holding company produce over 3 million oysters a year!  Some funy facts about oysters that we would like to share with you.

There are only 5 species of oyster in the whole world; the hardest to find and most expensive are Belons named after a river in France that was famous for them; then oyster lovers have special words: never say salty but briny; say terroir and not waters, don’t say oyster juice but say liquor; and then the firm favorite known by most is that they are proven to be an aphrodisiac as they are rich in rare amino acids that trigger increased levels of sex hormones.


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