Nonna Lina now serving Kids and adult portions of Vegan & Meat Lasagne

Nonna Lina now serving Kids and adult portions of Vegan & Meat Lasagne made with pane carasau, cooked in their pizza oven… – simply deeeeliscious!!

Looking for a hearty portion of fresh salad for lunch then look no further. Nonna Lina Pizzeria have a wide selection to choose from. They have moved in right opposite the Upstairs Bar but this old bar has been seriously upgraded and renovated and a traditional wood-fired pizza oven has also been added.

Your pub experience will be much cozier with the hospitality and warmth of Antonello and his Sardinian Heritage.


Our menu is an authentic Italian menu with a strong Sardinian influence.

The distinctive flavors of Sardinian cuisine are not just Italian in origin but a hybrid of influences. Starting with the

Phoenicians and followed by Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Moors, and Spanish, among others, the island was occupied

by nearly every Mediterranean power for more than 2,500 years, until it became part of Italy in 1861.

Origin of Pane Carasau is Sardinia, Italy, made from an ancient recipe conceived for the shepherds who stayed far from home whilst attending to the livestock. It’s thin crisp baked flat bread, that can last for years, if kept dry, and quicker to cook than pasta sheets and a much lighter dish.  Perfect for our street food market environment, as one can enjoy a fast-tasty meal made the traditional Italian way, prior 1000 BC.

We hope to see you soon!!


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