ROYALTEA – New style of Asian Tea Bar reaches our shores

This concept was brought to our shores from China by Jacob McGowan and Lanty Zhou. They met in the UK, where Lanty was studying in finance. After visiting Jacob in Cape town, Lanty, as many other foreigners claim, wanted to stay and settle down. Together they decided to start up a business concept that they had witnessed on their travels in China. They identified a gap in the market for a new kind of tea bar.

Starting from the city of Guangzhou in China, Royaltea is part of a new movement. Stepping away from typical bubble tea franchises, Royaltea did away with low-grade ingredients and teas and sought to create refreshingly unique and authentic beverages. Jacob and Lanty decided they would like to share this new style of tea with South Africa.

Their signature drink, that is offered by no one else in Africa, is their Cheese Tea: an adventurous drink made with a refreshing oolong tea base topped with their signature light cream cheese foam. Their oolong teas are naturally infused with rose petals, cherry blossoms, peach or lychee, and when drunk together with the creamy topping – an exciting new experience is unlocked.

Royaltea also offers an array of green tea based ice teas. These beverages are served in their iconic reusable cups and combine fine quality loose leaf green tea with fresh fruit: strawberry, citrus, passionfruit, berries and so much more. Their fruit tea range is the perfect refreshment for this Summer!

Going back to the basics, they offer an old school bubble milk tea: the original recipe from Taiwan that took the world by storm. For their milk tea base, they use a combination of black teas shaken to perfection before being combined with authentic tapioca pearls naturally made using the starch extracted from the roots of cassava plants.

Royaltea’s other milky base is their Choco-Earl – a unique combination of chocolate and Earl Grey tea. For sweet toothed dessert lovers, these two bases can be combined with a decadent assortment of toppings from Oreos, Kit-Kat, Chinese brûlée pudding to their cream cheese foam.

Last but not least, if you’re a traditionalist and still in search of health and energy, then look no further than their Japanese Matcha green teas. A drink rich in antioxidants that can give you the perfect energy boost.

This is certainly the place to get your Tea On!

If you are anything like us and always need some encouragement and guidance, than we are pleased to announce that they will be introducing the equivalent of “tea knowledge for dummies”. Luckily not in an academic book format but through an engaging Tea Talk and Tea Tasting. As in all things in life: knowledge is power and this tea tour will make the decision so much easier. So, whether you are on the hunt to satisfy your sweet tooth, an avid tea enthusiast, or simply looking to cool off with a chilled summer tea cocktail – Royaltea has you covered. There truly is something for everyone.

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