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Our Cheese is local and proudly handcrafted by small farm producers, FRESH FARM BUTTER.
A day without Cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze!

Around Cheese is run by Jane Selander, a vivacious cheese-lover of note. Jane sources only the best hand-crafted cheese from a variety of artisanal producers from around the country. She is most discerning and only selects cheese that is naturally made, meaning that the cheeses contain no colourants, additives or preservatives, and all are made with milk from pasture-fed cows. The flagship cheeses include a six-month matured cheddar from Prince Albert, made from rich full-cream Guernsey milk, and a prize-winning Western Cape one-year matured cheddar.

The “everyday eating” four-month old cheddar, and a distinctly South African ‘Boerenkaas’ (farmer’s cheese) – a seven-month old cheese from the Eastern Cape – are also amongst the favourites. Add to this a Gauteng gorgonzola, the Cape feta, and the La Petit France french-style brie and camembert from KwaZulu-Natal, and and and… and you’ve got yourself a healthy range of cheeses to mix on that platter! For those that are lactose intolerant, or just love a bit of billy-goat-gruff, Jane stocks a lovely range of goats cheese – gouda, pecorino, cheddar – and creamy Greek-style goats milk yoghurt from Foxenberg in Wellington. And because Jane believes the “true South African farmer’s wife” makes the best products, they also sell a wonderfully earthy fresh farm butter and a range of Eastern Cape farm-made preserve. Yum!



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