CHOP CHOP STEAK BAR – New style Asian Steak Bar served per cut

Danny Lin was born in Beijing China and decided as a young man that he was not going to say “yes boss, no boss” and to do that he would have to be a successful business man. And that he is. Directly after school he built up an Import and Export Merchandising business between South African and China which is still operating. Due to travelling extensively between the continents he came to realize that there was no inbound tour operators specializing in Chinese speaking tailor made tours.

He leaped into opening his own Tour Operation offering packages to South Africa. He took on a partner to advance the growth potential of this business. This business also proved lucrative and with an ever-expanding tourism market is here to stay. On visiting Cape Town he met Sherene, married her, and had 2 children and with so much going on very much doubts he will ever leave this country.

After visiting Shanghai he discovered and saw the cross-cultural food concept and success of the Chop Chop Steak Bar. Asian food with an “African twist”. He knew this concept could be easily adapted to the palate of the South African meat loving country. Danny believe you either go big or go home. He came to us and pursued without question a piece of prime position in the Waterfront. He opened his flagship store shop fitted to marble lite perfection, spent months sourcing the highest quality beef cuts and brought in consultants to train his 8 local’s chefs on how to grill the perfect steak.

The whole package is highly presentable and lures you in to ordering steak that is priced per portion. This gives you the freedom of choice. Choice of beef, choice of cut, choice of how you like your steak done. High protein for lunch. Ideal for those who are looking for a substantial lunch without the carbohydrate. So whether you love the stir-fry “chop chop” style of Asian street food, or a fitness fanatic looking to loose some winter weight or a big boy who is not satisfied till you have eaten a 500gram steak.

Chop Chop Steak Bar has got it. When Danny believes in something he goes for it. Within the same year he found prime position in Blouberg and he will continue to roll out his brand in strategic locations until all South Africans realize that they eventually have an option to eat premium beef as an alternative to the chicken dishes, burgers and pizzas that monopolize mainstream fast-food outlets.


Business Name: Chop Chop Steak Bar

Contact Person: Danny Lin

Contact Nr: 066 223 6639

Contact Email:

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