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THE CREAMERY – Longevity and loyalty to the natural ice cream masters

Kate Schrire is the founder and co-owner of the Creamery Ice Cream Company. She shares this company with Marianne Visser who joined her later. Kate has worked in the food industry for over ten years, initially as a journalist, then a food activist, chef, and now as a business owner. She is a graduate of The SA Chef’s Academy. Her food philosophy has been greatly influenced by her work in the Slow Food movement in Italy and California, locally with Slow Food Mother City, and in the non-profit sector primarily for The Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch. Her projects with emerging farmers in the Western Cape, as well as her experiences interning for the renowned restaurateur and food activist Alice Waters in California, led her to create a food business run along slow food principles to showcase the seasonal abundance of local family farms.

After finishing a post-graduate degree in Film at UCT, Marianne spent several years working in production and marketing in the Cape Town film industry, while moonlighting as a semi-professional baker.

The Creamery make natural ice cream by hand, in an ever-changing range of flavors, with ingredients they buy predominantly from local growers and producers. When we say natural they mean that the flavors change monthly offering five classic flavors and roughly nine limited edition flavors. Exotic flavors include combinations of strawberry basil, mealie and peach, melktert, carrot cake or hot cross bun. At the V&A Food market they run a scoop counter showing off there delectable quality offerings. The creamery employs an impressionable 67 local staff and their core philosophy is to “surround themselves with good people, whether it’s colleagues, suppliers and mentors. They believe that happy staff make for a productive, motivated and happy work environment.

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