Dos Banditos Tacos is the brainchild of local restaurateur Gavin Hagger of Jerry Burger fame and his entrepreneurial partner Peter West.  Fitting name considering Dos Banditos means “Two Bandits” who have just created the naughtiest take of Mexican & Asian inspired toppings in their handmade corn flour tacos and flour Tortillas.

Gutsy there are. They are serving up “barbacoa” barbeque “brocheta” kebabs that are flame grilled on a bed of warm coals. Authenticity in itself and the flavor created by “fire” should only add so much flavor to a menu celebrating traditional Spanish influenced Beef Salsa Verde and citrus infused Pork Carne Azada.  But then comes the Asian twist with Korean pulled short rib served up with trending kimchi and gochujang red pepper sauce, or Japanese inspired Chicken Yakitori or Thai Chicken Caramel drizzled with your typical Thai sesame oils, soya, fish sauces and chilli.

And for all those vegans a unique take on deep fried avocado, wrapped in Swiss Raclette & Tempura batter served up with Peach/Pineapple Salsa. If “Umami” is what you are after you have got it and if a taste of Mexico is what you are after then you can have this too.  As for budget – it ranges from R24 to R55 for single and double portions.

Trendsetting is what this brand is all about. The best of both worlds served up on hot coal fire. This should take the culinary world by storm.  A very New York style brought straight to Cape Town.  We are sure that Korean chef David Chang would be most impressed by your take on the cross over of world cuisines.