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DR JUICE – Hipsters if Real and Raw is what you are after then look no further

Dutch-born and bred Eduardo stepped into the world of health 15 years ago when he started working for Ethical Co-op in Cape Town. He soon realized that his passion was not being realized in the mundane ins and outs of being an employee and started Dr Juice at Stellenbosch’s Slow Market. He arrived there with nothing more than a couple of bags of fresh oranges, a juicer and a wobbly trestle table. He had entered the unknown world of entrepreneurship. Determination was key and he soon had a loyal following of customers who would twist and turn to get through the crowds to find Dr Juice.

His knowledge of the health properties of raw food is unparalleled and soon his nickname of Dr Juice became his business name. He sourced his fresh fruit and vegetables daily from local producers and has over 50 combinations of juices, smoothies, kombuchas and shots made to order or served on tap. Dr Juice made from beetroot, carrot, celery, apple, ginger and lemon is his signature drink but those looking for immune boosters will find every combination imaginable.

Furthermore, his commitment to believing in concepts such as renewable, biodegradable, vegan and ocean-friendly is visible in the packaging he uses. There is a combination of biodegradable cups and lids and even a selection of natural bamboo straws to choose from. Well done Eduardo for assisting us to ensure that those plastic straws don’t land up in our beautiful oceans!

Eduardo believes that you are what you eat, so make food your medicine. Grab a loyalty card to ensure that you have a non-stop supply of healthy drinkable yumminess.

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