GOURGEOUS NUTS – It takes an African to make such an extraordinary selection of coated nuts

Merlin Mfraling originated from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was born in Paris, France and without formal education decided to travel to explore the world. He visited South Africa and decided that this country offers much more opportunity than in Europe. He soon found employment and searched for the right opportunity to present itself.

Merlin’s innate ability to sell product is driven by passion and an eagerness to satisfy his customers. Couple this unwavering self-belief with the fact that he knew he was “different form his salary-pulling friends”, he commenced with the pursuit of owning his own business. He set about firstly by qualifying in the art of chocolate making, learning coating techniques and the intricacies of glazing fruits and making authentic Turkish Delight. With the experience gained whilst employed in a local confectionary company he set a path to the development of his brand Gorgeous Nuts.

Over time he has mastered several types of nut coating, glazes and roasting. Those nuts include cashew, almond, macadamia, hazelnut, Brazilian nuts and other. The coatings are delicious and include coatings of Caramel, sesame, coconut, Chocolate, Yoghurt, lemon, strawberry, sweet coriander and dark chocolate.

Their signature burnt sugar almonds is extremely popular with Europeans who are familiar with the product in Germany and Switzerland, that is especially common during Christmas markets. The Spanish call it “Garrapiñadas” and love it as a snack and tradition is that these nuts are handed to newly married Wedding couples as confetti which means confectionary.

Selections of confectionary nuts and other are manufactured and sold for customized gifting and is mostly distributed to event and hospitality managers who are looking for something special. He believes in empowering others and takes great joy from being able to support 30 local staff who are based in his Cape Town factory. He trains them and empowers them to ensure they are employed in these tough economic climate. Merlin also believes that this concept is strong enough to open in all major cities in South Africa and to gain a foothold in the export market. His advice is that of Winston Churchill. Never, never give up. He believes we are born winners and to live that one needs to be brave, persevere, take action and be willing to hard work. Good advice from yet another successful entrepreneur.