GOURMAIZE – Popping “pazazz” back into old world popcorn

When interviewing Allyson she kindly offered to write her own version of her life story. That is what makes herself and her partner stand out in the crowd. Her willingness to try anything and her ability to encapsulate her colourful life into words.

“We were and raised in Cape Town. JP (Jean-Pierre) and myself are the owners of Gourmaize and we are true Capetonians in every sense of the word. When not swinging popcorn pots you can find us on the beaches, catching a wave, catching a fish, catching a crayfish, rubber ducking, picking west coast mussels, hiking our mountains, mountain biking, cooking up weird and wonderful recipes or chilling at the fire with a cold one.

Many decades ago, JP walked out of the surf at Bloubergstrand just as the sun was setting. He popped over the road to Doodles for a quick drink to get his blood flowing again. He walked into the bar, shirtless and wet. I was running the place and saw him walk in. I felt my heart flutter, our eyes met, JP smiled, I melted, his eyes twinkled and I was caught, hook, line and sinker.

Fastforward 24 years later and we now have 2 daughters a home and a couple of businesses together. We started a business called Disc Media 15 years ago and we are still involved with this business. What started as a hobby to entertain and experiment with food then soon became the Gourmaize idea. I have always had a love for popcorn and soon JP was pulled into this. Our brand was born. We live by this quote. “A river cuts through a rock, not because of its power but its persistence.”

Well those words certainly sum up the life and characters of these wonderfully warm people. We would like to give them more credit though, on the popcorn itself. The popcorn is fun and original, just like they are. Each popcorn flavour is branded in a Cape Town lingo. A lingo that perhaps only true locals would understand but it certainly works to capture an audience. The branding is also very South African with quirky antidotes and uniquely named flavours such as Yebo Peanut Butter, So Kiff Salted Caramel, Lekker Milk Choc Nut, Rad Bru Caramel Cheese, Aitsa Dark Choc Chilli, and Hundreds Rainbow Sprinkle. A variety of Sea Salt, Sour Cream with Chives, Salt Vinegar, Cheddar Onion, Original Butter and Cape Chutney.

So if you believe that popcorn is boring then you are so wrong. This couple have certainly managed to put the Gourmet into Popcorn.



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