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GOURMET SAMOOSERIE – Celebrating the art of pastry pocket folding in Cape Malay Heritage

Steve Ryan was born and bred in Cape Town and went to school at Wynberg Boys High. He joined the Navy after school and soon followed his growing passion for entrepreneurship within the food industry. He states that he is a “jack of all trades’ and noted that he worked on a golf course development, owned various restaurants in Cape Town and opened the first franchise Barnyard Theatre in White river.

His passion continued and his business objective is to return to live in Cape Town after launching “The Gourmet Samooserie”. The business specializes in the Cape’s favorite street snack and celebrates the tradition of samosa making. The most common samosa eaten in the Western Cape is by far a curried mince samosa, but this brand is certainly taking it to the next level. Each are individually hand rolled and filled with quality ingredients. You are welcomed with vegan and meaty options with unique flavors. Butternut, Sweet Potato with Cinnamon, Lentils with toasted cumin and Spinach and Ricotta with roasted tomato… Chicken is jazzed up with tikka and cardamom and even

Prawns have been blended with Himalayan Rice in Saffron Sauce. If making a choice is impossible then order a Box with five flavours and if you feel the need to take some home with you then “take-home” frozen trays are readily available.

Steve bestows some unique insights on the not so humble samosa. The heritage, the shape, the filling, as well as the spelling of the humble samosa remains highly debatable. What most agree on is that it comes from Middle Eastern origin which includes communities in India, Nepal, Arabia, Asia, China, North African and South Africa. This folded flour pastry with filling is most likely the most well-travelled food item in the culinary world as it has crossed continents with immigrants and travelers alike. Call it a Sambusak in Arab-speaking countries, or a Chamuca in Goa India or a Cape Samosa in Cape Town the basics remain the same. The popularity of this item has spread throughout the world as far as Canada and South Africa where they are often called samosa. As they say: Potato/ Patato…call it what you want. It’s a great snack on the run. Gone are the days when samosa takeaways used to be a treat or something you would buy on payday. With the fast pace of life Samosa is easily a daily grab-and-go option so visit us at Gourmet Samosserie.

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