HOKEY POKE –  Making raw high protein salads cool again!

Max Botha went to school at Rondebosch Boys High in Cape Town and instinctively knew, since he was very young, that he wanted meaning in life and to pursue a discipline that

was creative. He studied Fashion Design but soon he realized his out-of-the-box personality would be ideal for the world of entrepreneurship.

On travelling abroad with his fiancé Holly to Singapore he was greeted by a concept that enticed him so, that he decided to launch this concept in Cape Town. His philosophy in life is to “focus and act”. He did all the research and took a leap of faith. He opened the first South African original poke bar and take away. He shares his knowledge about the heritage of Poke. This style of food originated in Hawaii and it has taken the world by storm. Even articles in the Los Angeles Times claims is the “nation’s new favorite food”. Poke means “to slice” in the Hawaiian language and has a long history becoming popular in the 1970’s according the food historian Rachel Lauden. It started as the Hawaiians staple food made from diced raw reef fish served up with seaweed, algae and salt. This Native dish was soon thereafter was adapted to meet the taste of diverse Asian immigrants working on the sugarcane plantations. Added ingredients were introduced. Tuna by the Japanese, Rice by the Chinese and Kimchi by the Koreans. The various cross cultural influences which came with the immigrants to the island allowed for experimentation of combinations that reflects the multicultural diversity of this dish.

Poke Bowls consist of a choice of a base, a protein and a combination of toppings, garnishes and a signature house sauce. Your base could be sticky or brown rice, or kale slaw, baby leaves or gluten-free nachos. Then add your protein. For the seafood lovers you have Salmon, Tuna or Prawns to choose from. Meat lovers can choose Chicken or Bulgogi Beer and for the Vegans Tofu is the option. Toppings include shredded kombu (seaweed), avocado, sprouts, onions, ginger, pickles, fruits and seasonings. The only limitation is your imagination. The result is a delicious, healthy, crave-able, affordable, and completely customizable meal.