Hot on the heels of the 2016 raw fish trend comes Hokey Poke that specialises in the Hawaiian dish. Hokey Poke owner Max Botha came across the poké trend when travelling in Singapore. “It immediately struck me as the most amazing food – so fresh, so clean and abundant with new and exciting ingredients and flavours from all over the world,” he says. While Max is not a qualified chef, his love for cooking, experimenting and creating new dishes is a source of inspiration for his maiden food venture.

Max explains, “The option of a build-your-own bowl lends itself to all food preferences and intolerances. I was positive that poké would be the perfect for the Cape Town market and its pursuit of healthy food options, as well as for greater South Africa.” The menu features the classic Hawaiian-style poké with raw tuna, shredded kombu and sticky rice, but customers can look forward to non-traditional bowls with global flavours, too. Think dressed salmon with salmon crackling, pomegranate and ponzu; salmon with toasted almonds and sweet onions; and even hot tuna with jalapeños, pineapple and nacho dust.