LAMBROLLA – Celebrating our Karoo Lamb heritage one rolla at a time

Jako Swanepoel was born in Pretoria and pursued a career in creativity by studying at Red

& Yellow Advertising School, which soon followed through to a career as an Art Director in various advertising agencies in Italy, Johannesburg and Cape Town. This industry is notoriously fast-paced and highly pressured and soon he found that it ate up all hours of his life. With his vast experience working with retail and food brands, he soon decided to direct his energy into creating his own brand and to take control of the direction of his own life and future vision.

It was a naturally leap of faith into the food industry, which he admits he had no practical experience in as a chef so he had to work long and hard at perfecting food costing and cooking. He required a concept that would work and soon followed in his belief that a specialty lamb roll would be the product. He tested and perfected the making of this product at various markets and events and then came knocking on our door.

With his heritage clearly being Afrikaans in the South African context of things he had grown up with slow-cooked succulent Karoo lamb at the dinner table. It should be called a national meat as it remains a firm favorite in many households. He wanted to present good quality flavoursome lamb in a low carb vehicle of goodness. As trends move towards healthier eating he then perfected the recipe and baking of hand-rolled wraps that are made fresh and on order daily. Jaco believes that “it’s what’s inside that counts”. You will be greeted with Classic Karoo lamb with tzatziki and fresh salad and/or cheese

fillings. If the tortilla style is what you like then order El Cordero which has a Mexican influence with added avocado, jalapeno and sour cream. For those who are enticed by those hand rolled flatbreads but prefer to opt out of conventional meat, he has tastefully created a vegetarian option filled with salads but allowing the alternative of a “protein” kick by adding a variety of almonds, cashew nuts and chia seeds.

Lamb remains a premium product, especially that which is sourced from the Karoo. He still manages to entice the street food lover within a price range between R80 and R100.

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