LE CHOCOLATIER – Handmade natural chocolates keeps enticing the millenniums

Daniel Waldis was born in Switzerland but has been living in South Africa for 22 years. His life here started out as an entrepreneur in the diamond industry. He purchased commercial property in Franschhoek and started training local chefs to become master chocolatiers. He opened Le Chocolatier in 2008. Soon the small business took over and just kept growing.

He specializes in handmade natural chocolates proudly made from cocoa beans grown on the African continent. The sourcing of quality beans from Ghana and Uganda, coupled with Vanilla from Madagascar, Sugar from the sugar fields of Nelspruit and Durban and Milk from traditional South African farmers in the Orange Free State is essential. They believe in supporting locals but also to minimize the carbon foot print in the manufacturing process. Daniel and Samuel that focusing on training local people in the age old tradition of Swiss chocolate making. Le Chocolatier currently employs 55 staff at their factory based in Paarl.

The selection of brilliantly packaged chocolates is attractive to tourists, whilst for the chocoholic those rows and rows of handmade bits of pleasure are just too much to resist. The selection of traditional calorie loaded chocolate is bountiful. Ensuring to remain on trend is essential to them. Soon requests came in for varieties ideal from Banting enthusiasts, from hipster raw food followers and from those sensitive to genetically modified chocolates. If trend dictates what the customer wants, then Samuel and Daniel believe in developing the products that satisfies that demand. You will find Halaal Certified, Banting, Sugar Free, GMO Free and 80% raw chocolates. Truly there is something for everyone. Packaging is clearly stamped and transparent in terms of source traceability. Transparency is the new marketing of today and by being open they gain

people’s trust and loyalty. The Millenniums want to understand exactly what they are consuming and that they add value by purchasing a chocolate.

So pull yourself closer to the trays of hand crafted delicate gift chocolates flavored with lemon sorbet, Madagascar vanilla, walnut, cinnamon, ginger, crème brulee, fruits and so much more. For those who prefer less fuss and a “little more’, then move towards the rustic slab collection. The supersized slabs should certainly address that problem. Today over 450 retailer stock his chocolates nationwide and they export internationally to selected retailers too.