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LUA RICE PAPER ROLL & ASIAN SALAD BOWLS – The Asian Food Trend is here to stay

It took two Belgium born entrepreneurs to come to Cape Town three years ago to bring us the Rice Paper Roll. Thank you Thomas and Lisbeth for believing that such a concept could be adapted to the Cape Town “foodie scene” and to give healthy food lovers an alternative Asian food option to typical Thai or Chinese food. You were so right. Risk taking and experimenting has grown a loyal local following who are searching for gluten- free lunch-time alternatives to a sandwich. Thomas discovered the traditional rice paper rolls when he was travelling through Cambodia in South East Asia.

Asian Salad Bowls are a great alternative to a boring Greek Salad! Weight watchers should endorse this. Pick your Staple of either Jasmine Rice, Rubbed Kale or Rice Noodle. Then add a selected protein: Beef Mince, Smoked Salmon, Prawns or Tofu. Choose two vegetables for crunch and as many anti-oxidizing seeds, herbs and seeds that your heart desires coupled with an Asian sauce of choice, all for only R60!

An Asian kaleidoscope of flavor of sweet chilli, soya, satay peanut, Hoisin and spicy Nuocman sauces are served up with the perfect food vehicle – the Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll stuffed full with rice noodles and a selection of protein and vegetable options.

Try something different for dessert too. The sesame seed mocha served with peanut sauce is out of this world. This is a very traditional Japanese dessert (or any time snack) and made for those who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and into Asian old world tradition.

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