LUCY’S CONFECTIONARY – English High Tea but done Lucy’s way

Lucy was born in the United Kingdom and completed a degree in design. Her formal education opened doors and secured opportunities working within the film and architectural industry in the bustling city of London. She discovered that she had a passion for sharing her knowledge and jumped into the world of lecturing in design. She formalized her experience by completing a teacher’s qualification which opened more doors to the lecturing world.

Lucy admits that she enjoys a challenge and generally participating in anything that goes against the norm. Adventurous in spirit and inquisitive by nature, a short stay in South Africa led her back to experience more. She had always had a passion for outdoor sports preferably in a climate that supports an outdoor living. So, she came on another visit to do just that. What started as another holiday became something much more. She was sold on the idea of not returning to cold London and decided instantaneously to stay.

Her first business partnership with a local bakery was a failure. Lucy states that it taught her many essential business lessons. One quality that entrepreneurs have in common is not to give up. She decided to Fly Solo and opened Lucy’s Confectionary which focuses on English Cream Teas. With her British heritage she decided that her brand would showcase some English Tradition, only packaged with a local twist. Soon high tea enthusiasts flocked to her shop to drink tea out of fine boned china and to enjoy a scone with genuine clotted cream.

Demand for more variety led to the inclusion of more English Cream Tea items,  including a variety of 24 different flavoured macarons, sticky koeksisters, iced cookies and a wide selection of flavoured brownies. Her “high tea” concept in a retail format certainly works and her exceptional ability to adapt her product to what she believes the customer needs is the reason for her success.

Lucy loves the diversity of her customers and engaging with visitors. She is very hands on and is often found on the floor improving her shop. She believes strongly in teamwork

and has no qualms stepping in to give her sales staff some much needed time off. Days are long in the retail sector so she believes that a sense of humour is vital amongst her four staff members. She is fair and gives credit to her staff who are hardworking, loyal and dedicated. She “quotes” that she would not have been able to do this without them. I believe anybody who has the luck to work with Lucy will be rewarded as her business motto is. “Clients don’t come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients – Richard Branson.”

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