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We are proud to say that our vendors offer something for everyone.

Feel free to scroll down the menu and look at the various vendors. The whole is made up by the sum of the parts and our WHOLE is made up of many tasty bits!



Africas Best


Real food for real working people. Samp and Beans; Mieliepap and Stew served with kale and cabbage.





around cheese2

Around Cheese 4



Our Cheese is local and proudly handcrafted by small farm producers, FRESH FARM BUTTER.
A day without Cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze!

Around Cheese is run by Jane Selander, a vivacious cheese-lover of note. Jane sources only the best hand-crafted cheese from a variety of artisanal producers from around the country. She is most discerning and only selects cheese that is naturally made, meaning that the cheeses contain no colourants, additives or preservatives, and all are made with milk from pasture-fed cows. The flagship cheeses include a six-month matured cheddar from Prince Albert, made from rich full-cream Guernsey milk, and a prize-winning Western Cape one-year matured cheddar.

The “everyday eating” four-month old cheddar, and a distinctly South African ‘Boerenkaas’ (farmer’s cheese) – a seven-month old cheese from the Eastern Cape – are also amongst the favourites. Add to this a Gauteng gorgonzola, the Cape feta, and the La Petit France french-style brie and camembert from KwaZulu-Natal, and and and… and you’ve got yourself a healthy range of cheeses to mix on that platter! For those that are lactose intolerant, or just love a bit of billy-goat-gruff, Jane stocks a lovely range of goats cheese – gouda, pecorino, cheddar – and creamy Greek-style goats milk yoghurt from Foxenberg in Wellington. And because Jane believes the “true South African farmer’s wife” makes the best products, they also sell a wonderfully earthy fresh farm butter and a range of Eastern Cape farm-made preserve. Yum!





The Bottle Bank


Stocking a variety of over 150 craft beers sourced from microbreweries around South Africa.


The Bubble Tea Company [Logo Final]

Bubble Tea 2


Bubble Tea is a tea-based drink, which can either be served in the form of a fruit-juice drink or a milk-tea. The unique and attractive aspect of this drink is the topping which can be either a choice of vast flavoured popping bubbles which will burst in your mouth to add extra flavour to the drink. Flavoured jellies, sweet red beans or basil seeds are also used as a unique topping to the drink.



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By Nature offers an extensive range of premium quality natural and organic products – a variety of raw nuts, preservative-free dried fruit and certified organic dried goods. These products are sourced from preferably local producers that follow ethical and sustainable principles and are predominantly sold at farmer’s markets in the greater Cape Town area. By Nature is rapidly gaining a reputation as the supplier of the freshest raw nuts and the largest range of preservative-free dried fruit in the Western Cape.






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Doctor Juice sells fresh healthy fruit and vegetable juices (organic whenever possible) which are an excellent alternative to the normal soda cold drink.






Flannerie Bonaparte have introduced Belgian pâtisserie and Belgian Waffles to South Africans. Their Brussels and Liege waffles are made fresh from an old family recipe in front of their customers. They are made to order by an artisan baker. Flannerie Bonaparte also specialize in catering for parties and functions. This service provides entertainment, exciting tastes and is cost-effective.


The Gourmet Pantry Final (1)


Established in a converted garage in 2008, The Gourmet Pantry produces a range of handmade, quality pies, quiche, muffins and other baked goods. Gourmet Pantry is out to change customer’s perception that a pie does not have to be stodgy pastry filled with questionable “meat” that gives you heartburn! All their pastries contain butter, their chicken is all Free Range and their Karoo Lamb is organic and free of hormones.


Gourmet Samoosas2


Moona’s Gourmet Samosas were born out of a passion & insistence of cooking with only the very best and freshest ingredients. Gourmet Samosas, are lovingly crafted, one samosa at a time, using only the highest quality ingredients and a gentle blend of herbs & spices. The exotic aromas burst through from the very first bite. . . And the taste lingers. And you simply have to eat another one, and, another one . . .



JP Fontein 5


Fortain Chocolatier was established in South Africa by the family Fortain who recognized the great demand for Belgian chocolates in this country. Jean-Pierre Fortain, third generation chocolatier, shares his knowledge gathered at “De Groene Poort” baker and pastry school in Bruges by teaching South Africans the art of making Belgian chocolates.




Kubu Kebab R180



Dumela and welcome to Kubu, the gateway to great African dining, Nestled at the heart of Waterfront, with picturesque views of Table Mountain and Lions head, Tranquil blue waters of the Atlantic ocean located at the old V&A Waterfront PowerStation.

We operate a cutting edge gourmet cuisine, combing unrelenting creativity and a remarkable craftsmanship with supreme knowledge of local produce. At Kubu, dinners are served exquisite blends of vibrant flavours all constructed to express the knowledge of African ingredients. Our search for ingredients means forage among the fields of Franchhoek and stretching as far as Congo for the purest possible flavour. We aim to heighten the philosophy of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients to an unprecedented level and in doing so we will create utterly delicious cuisine.

Our cuisine inspiration comes from the rich history of Africa and its ancestral influences. Over time we have developed methods of eating produce at its finest and have also used prehistoric preparation methods such as fermenting produce to create a new authentic dimension of Umami flavours and also methods of preserving food.

Kubu is an inspiring restaurant that was born from our passion of all things African, combining a menu selection that’s broad and bold, eclectic market atmosphere with African decor and excellent and interesting food. The mission is to have not only a great food selection that Cape town can offer, but also efficient and superior service since customer satisfaction is our paramount objective. We are open 7 days a week for lunch and early diner (10:00 – 19:00). Kubu is the restaurant of choice for a mature and adult crowd, couples and singles, young and old, male or female.


Trio of Medallions R250






new logoClassicLCTEl CorderoVegetarian



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Rice Paper Rolls ?

Rice Paper Rolls are fresh, healthy and essentially delicious. In Vietnam, people are used to eating these rolls pretty much everywhere. The Rice Paper Roll is one of Vietnams most traditional and popular dishes, and is today becoming more and more popular around the world. They are served at room temperature (or cooled) and are not deep fried or cooked on the outside.


LUA’s Rice Paper Rolls are the best ! Each roll is handmade locally, based on our secret revisited vietnamese recepies. We make sure that each roll is packed full of fresh and healthy fillings, using only the best and tastiest of ingredients ! Whether you choose to have one or two gourmet rolls as a healthy snack, or three or four as a full meal, these handmade delicacies paired with one of our homemade sauces will be your ultimate comfort food.

Contact us directly

 Telephone: 076 288 93 53

 E-mail: hello@luastreetfood.com

 Web: www.luastreetfood.com





CAPE TOWN SOCIETY FOR THE BLIND (CTSB) was established in 1929 by a group of seven women with the main purpose of establishing a place where blind and visually impaired persons could manufacture, display and sells their products. CTSB still operates according to the purpose and has grown with time and technology. Today we can proudly say that we offer accredited training to blind and visually impaired persons from the previously disadvantaged areas at no cost. CTSB has been accredited by the MICT Seta and can therefore offer the End User Computing Course to learners which are equivalent to an NQF Level 3. CTSB also prides itself in the craft skills acquired by the blind and visually impaired artisans. All products manufactured at CTSB are hand woven.


Mix it up 2


Latin food with attitude!  We want to expose Cape Town to the flavours of Latin America, Flor being Mexican have a very broad horizon of ingredients and combinations little known to South Africa but that has been very well welcomed. The food is predominately Mexican with dishes from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and even Spain. Burritos made with wheat flour tortillas are traditionally wrapped and filled with meats, refried black beans, salad and lime infused rice. For those who are not watching the hipline heaps of guacamole, cheese, and sour cream is available. Tacos, Nachos and Quesadillas are also available filled with chicken, meat or vegetarian options. Bottom-line. If you are looking for authentic Mexican food then look no further. Enjoy the luxury of Latin American food right here on your doorstep.


Namaste (3)

Nameste 4


Have you even eaten a Dosa? Indian street food at its best right here in Cape Town. These filling lunchtime rice pancakes are cramped full with vegan delights, ready for dipping in or drinking with a spicy dhal infused soup. Pick on a bowl of savoury snacks known as “Chaat”  and relieve the “heat” with savoury and sweet buttermilk chilled Lassi.  At last a meal for R30! Find them upstairs and come laze in Kamini’s Indian lounge. Tel: 076 518 5315mailto:kamibhagattjee@gmail.com




“The art of tea is in its making”. Allow the tea do the talking and learn the wisdom that comes from surrendering to tea and silence. Nigiro Tea Merchants specialize in tea leaves, tea equipment, tea training and exclusive tea blending. Visit Nigiro Tea Merchants at V&A Market On The Wharf and allow your mood and your company to dictate which type of tea and ritual for you. mingwei@nigiro.co.za



Stack That 3


It’s not Vetkoek, it’s not Pizza – it’s LANGOS!

A Hungarian speciality with a twist of fresh tantalizing ingredients




Stokkiesdraai Biltong is a family owned business that makes biltong using only meat from natural grazing cattle not fed hormones and growth stimulants. Their products include Beef, Game and Ostrich Biltong. Their famous Ostrich sausages are made with Olive Oil too!

appleThai Hut


Our products start daily in the morning with hot steaming rice, green vegetables, delicate oriental spices, and fresh seafood favorites. We strive to bring our customers a healthy alternative to conventional burgers and fries that are lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol.


Sweet Dreams 3


Creamy melt in your mouth handmade fudge, using only the finest ingredients. A little piece of heaven crafted to perfection.



cropped creamery green logo


Creamery 3


Local ice-cream parlour, scooping super delicious handmade seasonal ice-cream flavour’s from locally sourced ingredients. Recycling all their food waste and packaging from their kitchen.


appleThe General Trading Co



The General Trading Company is an artisan deli that was started to showcase South Africa’s finest locally produced retail products.



The Noodel Bar


Chow Mein

Pad Thai

Spring rolls




Tunissia 1



Vagabond Logo final HR

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Vagabond Kitchens is the coming together of diverse food talents, forged into one fresh and inspiring vision.
Presenting Awe Africa wraps and &Mash bistro style market food to the V&A food market, Cape Town.

&Mash logo


Awe Africa – Wholewheat Wraps – Menu:

Malay Chicken Fillet with Cherry Tomato, Danish Feta, Toasted Sunflower Seeds, Yoghurt dressing and Wild Rocket .

Basil Pesto, Cherry Tomato, Avo, Danish Feta, Toasted Sunflower seeds, Wild Rocket and Balsamic Reduction.

Pan Fried Beef Sirloin with Avo, Danish Feta, Wild Rocket and Yoghurt dressing.


&Mash – Plated Foods – Menu:

Pork Belly, Slow Roasted, served with Mash and Epic sauce and Crackling.

Springbok Loin, Pan Fried, served with Salsa Roja, Olive Tapanade, Mash and Black Cherry Sauce.

Rib Eye Steak (230g), Pan Fried, served with Truffle Butter, Parmesan, Balsamic, Mash and Gravy.


Wharf Craft 3




100% Chargrilled Beef and Chicken, with traditional cut chips. Handressed beef patties. Best Dam Burgers. We are Halaal.




We produce our own unique yogurt. It’s the healthiest Greek-Style yoghurt available in South Africa. Our aim is to provide the goodness of Greek Yoghurt with added nutritional ingredients, seeds; fruit; raw honey. Locally sourced natural ingredients, nutritious and delicious.



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