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  1. Hi! I’m Emi from My travel blog has over 150,000 page views each month, and a strong social media following: 8k followers on Pinterest, 6K followers on instagram, and 4.5k Followers on Facebook. We do travel reviews, posts, and videos for different tour companies with great success. You can see my Facebook page here:, and my instagram to get a better idea.

    My husband and I live in California and we are now in South Africa for the rest of the year. We are coming to Cape Town in 2 weeks (we’ll be there 30 November – 3 December 2015) and wondered if you were interested in collaborating so I can showcase your incredible food there in exchange for 2 free meals for my husband and I.

    We work with restaurants and companies all over, and we’d love to partner with you to share your amazing food with our followers as the place to eat in Cape Town! It would be a great thing for your business, as we can provide you with exposure to exactly the demographic you are looking for: people interested in travel, and who are seeking recommendations for great food & experiences.

    If you can welcome us for a meal while there, in exchange I will offer a full blog package with a post, access to all photos, posts to all social media, and adding you to our guide to South Africa. I know our readers would love to hear about you!

    We would not expect any compensation for this feature outside of 2 complimentary meals so that we can experience it, photograph and film everything, and feature it.

    Let me know and we can set a time 🙂

    You can respond via email here at



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