SANT’ALESSANDRO – The fine art of Salume right here in Cape Town

Dino, short for Alessandro, and Oscar, whose middle name is Alessandro, are brothers born and bred in Cape Town. When one thinks of Italians, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Food and Architecture. Well this is exactly what runs in the veins of these two entrepreneurs and they certainly make their Italian heritage proud. They spent a decade mastering the technique of heritage building adornment in decorative concrete.

Their Lansdowne operation soon won many a contract and through industry referral they were headhunted to run building projects on major hotels in the Middle East. Sun International was just one of their main clients and soon the Middle Eastern operation grew so big that the brothers thought it time to sell this operation at its peak. Dino admits it was time to come home and take a sabbatical after so many hard years of hard work

and modestly admits his passion for surfing has taken him to Western Province levels. Oscar on the other hand loves to travel either by yacht or by bike and he can be found geared up and ready to take a bike run up the coast.

All good things must come to an end so they both agreed they needed a new challenge to keep themselves busy and took on furthering their secondary passion. They headed off to Italy to study the fine art of Salume (curing meat) making in Tuscany and Lombardy respectively. They certainly have “gut spa” and a “can do attitude”. As in all things they are committed individuals and take obtaining necessary skills seriously. They painstakingly learnt traditional methods passed through their family lineage and refined this old age tradition. They tracked the heritage of their grandfather, Alessandro, whose hometown was Bergamo, situated in the rural farming valleys of Lombardy.

Thereafter the once home-based “hobby” operation soon got overrun with demand, they decided to open a factory in Capricorn Park, Muizenberg. This same factory continues to supply customers, distributors, retail outlets and markets. This is true Artisanal Italian cured meat, handcrafted in Cape Town. So come and enjoy the experience and share a slice of history by enjoying an Antipasti board made up of Sant’Alessandro Salumi, Coppa, Cabanossi and local cheeses. If grab-and-go is what you’re after you can fill up on a Panini or Tremazzini to enjoy along the dockside.

Either way, you will certainly not be disappointed.