STACK THAT – Delicious Hungarian street-food, a first for South Africa

Claire was born in Pretoria and trained formally in Hospitality Management. Once qualified however, her explorative nature pushed her to globe-trot, where she worked in various positions within hotels and cruise liners across the world. On one cruise-liner she met her European husband to be, Martin, who originates from a small German village outside Berlin. He shared her passion in food and trained in Hamburg after successfully completing his apprenticeship. He qualified as a chef and worked in various hotels in the United Kingdom and then in a 5-star hotel in Austria.

Once married, they decided to return to South Africa where opportunity awaits those who are not faint-hearted. They had a dream to start their own business and Claire claims that to choose doing it back home in sunny South Africa after so many cold years in Europe was simply too enticing an idea. The street food scene was also rampant and with the boom of so many markets in Cape Town, it was an obvious choice to start small, with low overheads and a product that street food enthusiasts would really enjoy. Claire saw a gap, a product that was not yet seen in South Africa but proved most popular in Europe and so Stack That was born.

Stack That serves up simple and delicious “Langos”, which is a Hungarian-style flatbread that comes with two toppings.

Claire’s premonition was correct and over time, she and Martin grew their business operation by purchasing a “food truck” when the traditionally American trend took off in Cape Town. With a transportable kitchen Langos could reach a wider audience and this has been a great extension of their business at the V&A Food Market.

Stack That currently employ 6 permanent staff and have a handful of casual workers which assist them. Their business philosophy with staff stems from a belief that by rewarding staff and giving them an incentive, they will deliver in terms of service. What makes them extraordinary is that they motivate their staff with gifts, free time, bonuses and even a chance to win a car if they meet their sales targets.

But back to the goods… This Hungarian food specialty made from deep-fried dough is surprisingly not greasy. Sometimes customers call it a Hungarian Pizza but it is different. It is not a hot melted cheesy oven-baked pizza. To the contrary. Hot and cold toppings are placed on top of the base and you have a wide choice of mecca chicken, slow-roasted lamb, pulled beef and even smoked salmon which are served on top with seasonal finely diced salads. So come and taste a Langos! It’s simply delicious!

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