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SWEET DREAMS –  It takes a Swede to master American styled fudge in South Africa   

“Sweet Dreams” is owned by Björn Björkman, a Swedish born chef who has worked internationally in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Stockholm and as Head Chef at the Swedish Embassy in London for 5 years, and his wife, Nicola. Many career paths and years later Björn moved to Cape Town with his South African wife and their three sons. Having struggled for a year to find a placement in the South African job market, Björn was given a helping hand by a friend and so his life as “the fudge guy” began as he started making and selling fudge himself. Björn’s attention to detail and emphasis on producing the finest quality fudge from the freshest ingredients ensured that the humble beginnings of Sweet Dreams was put on a positive growth path in a very competitive market. He loves to try new flavor combinations and experiments in the Sweet Dreams Kitchen.

His fudge is different as it is made in the authentic American styled with is a confectionary that contains chocolate, which makes it soft, sweet and rich. It’s made by mixing sugar, milk and heating it to the soft-ball stage (113°c 116°c) depending on altitude and humidity.

This is very different to the local South African Style of fudge which is also known as “tablet” which tends to be flavored with vanilla, is harder and more sugary heralding from Scotland. It’s also made differently; from sugar, condensed milk and butter, boiled to a softball stage and allowed to crystalize.

So try something different and try American-styled fudge in some of his best-selling flavours, including Bar One, White Chocolate, Butterscotch, Toffee, Ginger, Amarula, Chocmint, Blueberry and even Crème Soda!

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    1. Hi Tracy,

      We have 2 gift jars and the prices are.

      1L Jar 20 blocks R120
      1/2L Jar 10 blocks R65

      Just come down and talk to Maureen and she will help you out.



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