TRECASTELLI ITALIAN BAKERY – Authentic Italian Bakery in Cape Town

Father and son duo, Franco and Riccardo Trecastelli were born in Rome, Italy. From the age of 3, Franco remembers standing on milk crates in his father’s coffee shop and Gelateria where he was taught to make gelato, to hand-roll mozzarella, to grind coffee to absolute perfection, and to manage the bakery. His father grew up very poor and started to cook for elite families in the city. With these savings he opened his own his own dairy producing factory and bakery, which was sadly closed at the end of the War, when the Americans took occupation of their town to create a military base. Franco fondly remembers what he was taught and with his brothers, they opened three coffee and gelato speciality shops in Rome called Banne, which are still run by his wife and the rest of the family today.

They believe sharing their Italian heritage and knowledge through training and exposing people to their culture is what drives them to continue the Trecastelli family legacy. They decided to venture to Cape Town and to further their businesses interests here. With great Catholic faith they walked into the V&A Food Market 3 years ago, on the 29th of November, and asked for an opportunity to wheel an Italian-style dessert cart into the market, to showcase their homemade traditional Italian desserts. We just couldn’t say no after tasting what they had on offer.

We came to discover only afterwards that when we said yes, they saw it as a sign from God that the business would work as 29 November is a religious day in the Catholic calendar. We believed it is a gift from God to taste such Italian authenticity.

They deliver and bake traditional Sicilian-styled cannoli lined with chocolate and sweet Ricotta, vanilla cream or Nutella. There are fluffy cream-filled doughnuts called bombolone, shortbread cookies with jam filling, profiteroles, tiramisu, vanilla cream-filled bomba, ciambella that resembles ring doughnuts, croissants, pig’s ears, strudels and so much more. But don’t feel guilty, not for a seond. Italians love something sweet for breakfast and Trecastelli is perfectly situated near our coffee station in the market.

Their bakery employs 15 staff that have been trained to keep feeding the Trecastelli brand with authenticity and flavour. And father and son don’t lose faith ever. They chose to settle in the Tableview area and have also opened a restaurant in Bloubergstrand where they can offer a full Italian food offering and naturally the dessert one of their authentic baked confectionary items. You simply have to visit!

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