LIFE UNFRAMED – Celebrating the art of producing vegan ice cream

Yann Rey was born and raised in Lyon, France and has been in SA on and off for almost 4 years. He was formally trained in Engineering and later business school, which led to a career in banking. What differentiates him from other entrepreneurs is that he is a calculated risk taker who discovered that there was still an unfilled opportunity in the South African ice cream market.

He launched Unframed in July 2016 filling that gap by producing Vegan ice creams that were completely void of animal fats. This took much experimenting, trials, errors and eventual mastery in the art of using almond and coconut milk in his product. His commitment is evident as he has mastered ice cream artistry with the most delicate smooth textured ice cream around. The secret of just how he does this is well kept. It’s all in the dedication of balancing quality sourced African product; the processing, timing, churning, freezing and skill. It is almost impossible to believe that such flavour can be developed without colourants or flavourings.

For those who do love traditional dairy ice cream then try flavours such as Just Vanilla, Speculoos or Muscadado. For the vegans the selection is forever changing and exciting. Zesty Lemon, Beetroot Choc Ginger, Turmeric, Matcha Tea are available, among others. Bottom-line. You can get all your raw intake at Unframed. When asked what inspired Yann to call his business “Unframed”, he explains that the idea started with combining an ice cream parlour and an art gallery, and with the idea of doing things differently, out of the frame. This product certainly is. His philosophy in life is “if it’s not fun, it doesn’t count”. He is constantly pushing his business to new heights and employs twelve locals currently. There is the proposition of more stores on the horizon and an upswing of retail distribution of Unframed ice cream pints to the public. Unframed is ice cream artistry at its best.