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Vagabond Kitchens is the coming together of diverse food talents, forged into one fresh and inspiring vision.
Presenting Awe Africa wraps and &Mash bistro style market food to the V&A food market, Cape Town.




Awe Africa – Wholewheat Wraps – Menu:


Malay Chicken Fillet with Cherry Tomato, Danish Feta, Toasted Sunflower Seeds, Yoghurt dressing and Wild Rocket .


Basil Pesto, Cherry Tomato, Avo, Danish Feta, Toasted Sunflower seeds, Wild Rocket and Balsamic Reduction.


Pan Fried Beef Sirloin with Avo, Danish Feta, Wild Rocket and Yoghurt dressing.




&Mash – Plated Foods – Menu:


Pork Belly, Slow Roasted, served with Mash and Epic sauce and Crackling.


Springbok Loin, Pan Fried, served with Salsa Roja, Olive Tapanade, Mash and Black Cherry Sauce.


Rib Eye Steak (230g), Pan Fried, served with Truffle Butter, Parmesan, Balsamic, Mash and Gravy.

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