WICKED WAFFLE – Celebrating Belgium heritage one dessert and a time

Partners Gino Adriaensen and Martin Peterson bring a wealth of interesting experiences and knowledge to their business. Martin was born in London and left school at the age of 17 because he states that he didn’t need O Levels to become a pop star! Yes you heard right. His life started as an entertainer, then he travelled, came to South Africa in 1981 and helped his wife open Rozenhof Restaurant in Kloof Street Cape Town.

Gino on the other hand was born in a small town in Belgium, close to Antwerp. He grew up in a bakery and learnt the trade from his dad. He found the long and early hours off putting so he diverted his attention to the artisanal studies of carpentry. Soon he felt saturated and not settled in this as an occupation and pursued his dreams and passion for professional snowboarding. To partake in this sport he started working in various restaurants and spent summer holidays in kitchens within resorts obtaining experience in the food industry. He thereafter relocated to South Africa where he was drawn by the beauty of the Garden Route, settled down and opened his own restaurant in Knysna. He discovered that his customers kept asked for his delicious waffles and soon realized that he should open Wicked Waffle so that he could showcase the heritage of the original Brussels Waffle and European Crepe. Waffles are big thing in Belgium and he explains that there are over 20 different recipes for the Belgium Waffle alone. He decide to focus on a recipe that originates back to 1782. This operation has grown to allow for the employment of 30 persons who assist in the manufacturing process which allows restaurants and the wholesale market to order pre-made easy to heat varieties.

Take a trip upstairs in the V&A Food Market and you can experience this waffle made fresh and on order, coupled with some sweet and savoury crepe options. Crepes are served as a main course with chicken, beer or vegetable filling. Break away from traditional dessert style and go European with savoury. Once you taste it, you will wonder why our grandmothers always insisted that it is dessert. We are so accustomed in South Africa to choose traditional cinnamon and syrup but fresh seasonal fruits and berries, chocolate drizzles, served with cream or ice cream is delicious. They have also added a Milkshake of the Day which is determined by seasonal flavours with as many accessories you (or your child) can dream of. We recommend hundreds and thousands or M&M’s on top. They have got it!

Gino and Martin have a vision to open franchise stores and encourage you to contact them for more details. Let us see if we can help them to reach the dream of “Wicked Waffle” outlets throughout our country.